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Designs by Alina: Hand-forged gold, pave diamonds, choice pearls and leather jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by life's little luxuries. Modern classic jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Lifestyle blog including design, travel, fashion, family.

Valentine's Day with more than just one heart


A few musings from my travels and experiences that inspire me as well as what's new for Designs by Alina.

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Valentine's Day with more than just one heart

Alina de Albergaria

$65 for a dozen roses? Are you nuts?!

Nope, it’s Valentine’s Day, when many a man scurries to his local florist, grocery store or street vendor to let his sweetheart know how much he adores her (or simply that he remembered). What many don’t know is that because of the high demand for flowers, especially roses, vendors double, even triple flower prices on that sweet day, a little secret that my previous grocer and flower mart vendors shared with me.

Light bulb time!

Designs by Alina decided to break (or add to) the old tradition in two ways:

1) We have designed a set of “His and Hers” Tahitian bracelets to show how original AND in sync he is with his gal (no need to mention that flower secret, right?)


2) Designs by Alina is spreading the love beyond our valentine by donating 20% of all proceeds during the month of February to our local Foodbank which not only provides food to those in need but educates recipients on the value of nutrition. 

Our family became acquainted with the organization in Santa Barbara a few years ago when our then 11-year-old son completed a triathlon with his friend. Their efforts, which were widely covered in the media, not only spread awareness in our community but also raised over $10,000 for our local Foodbank.

Dario de Albergaria and Jacob Mansbach raise over $10,000 for foodbank

Dario de Albergaria and Jacob Mansbach raise over $10,000 for foodbank

We hope you consider gifting her with something that lasts more than just a few days while benefitting others in need of your love.