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Designs by Alina: Hand-forged gold, pave diamonds, choice pearls and leather jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by life's little luxuries. Modern classic jewelry for the sophisticated woman. Lifestyle blog including design, travel, fashion, family.



A few musings from my travels and experiences that inspire me as well as what's new for Designs by Alina.

Blog Travel, family, interior design, jewelry design and fashion.



Santa Barbara Magazine features the World Behind our Jewels

Alina de Albergaria

The magazine is synonymous with lifestyle in this little stretch of paradise we call the American Riviera. Much like its sister publication, C Magazine, which celebrates all things California, Santa Barbara Magazine invites the reader to discover our city's charm via award-winning editorial on people, homes, gardens, architecture, food, wine, history, and arts.

After a brief two year hiatus in San Francisco, and as a longtime subscriber to both magazines, it is an honor to be featured in the Spring issue of Santa Barbara Magazine. Thank you, Santa Barbara, for the warm "welcome home".

Santa Barbara Magazine, Alina de Albergaria, Designs by Alina


Alina de Albergaria

Designs by Alina, Alina de Albergaria, Diamonds, Pearls

I knew exactly what she would wear, in fact the image had been ingrained in the depths of my mind for two years. But who?

While our clients clamored to see the scale of our jewels, something that could only be achieved with a model, Designs by Alina wanted a fresh face with strong, exotic features. We wanted someone who looked as sophisticated as she did relaxed and I was confident that patience would pave the way to discovery.

Having just wrapped a photoshoot for Santa Barbara Magazine, my husband and I were dining with dear friends from New York when, as Paul McCartney would say...

🎶  I saw her standing there. 🎶

Our photoshoot with Isabella Thomas and Rebecca Farmer Photography ensued without a hitch, even our poodles managed to sneak in a few candids. 

We are thrilled to offer you ideas for layering your jewels in our lookbook and don't forget to check out our new homepage!




Alina de Albergaria

Designs by Alina, Alina de Albergaria

Yesterday I awoke to a million thoughts racing through my head like a news ticker: 

Did I send out the right pieces for the photo shoot? Did I order enough gold? Will the children finish their science experiment? Did we sort out logistics for Dario’s soccer tournament this weekend? Will Bernardo’s birthday gift arrive on time? Is it possible to spend enough time with our house guests and still make a dent in my To-Do list?




Still nothing.

I step away from my studio into our garden, new thoughts unfurling like a carpet in the Medina: The lavender loves the onset of the season, babies springing up everywhere. How stunning are these rolling hills of green velvet? How long have these magnificent olive trees been here? If savasana had a sound, it would resonate like the fountain...

I lie down right then, right there, surrounded by nature's immense beauty with the sun beaming on my face while my so-much-to-do list simmered in the distance.

Eyes close. The rising and falling of my chest. Thoughts fading...

And for a brief moment my mind is still.

In a world dominated by tweets, email, social media, and what lies ahead, an equal dose of awareness and will can help avert the noise.

And in the end, that sense of ease is only enhanced by higher productivity.



Baking with Laurie

Bernardo de Albergaria

To many she is the lady behind Cafe/Bakery Our Daily Bread, the largest local bread supplier in Santa Barbara, which also offers arguably the best latte in town. I met Laurie at the original downtown location on my way to the Farmer’s Market when our now-teenage twins were merely a year old. Weekly jaunts to her bakery very quickly became routine and our children savored every minute of those visits (in both the figurative and literal sense.)

Laurie is a kind, witty, generous, straight shooter, whose ample heart has more than enough space for her many friends, acquaintances, and strangers like Jay, the homeless man she often greeted outside her shop with a muffin and coffee on Saturday mornings. Her notable penchant for children has made our trio fortuitous recipients of much affection...and exquisite birthday cakes.

Aching to slow down, Laurie sold her landmark bakery following over three decades of dedicated service. Fortunately for us she has repackaged her talents into Cook and Bake With Laurie, a new enterprise consisting of private or group classes in her home or in those of her clientele.

What a joy it is to support this local, woman-owned business!

Yesterday, Tessalina and I invited Laurie over for a lesson in which we learned how to make the very same marzipan cake we enjoyed for years at her bakery. She brought everything, from the flour and almonds to the vintage Cuisinart she has had since the seventies when the food processor first appeared on the market. And in case you are wondering, we made the marzipan itself from scratch. Somehow with her it all seemed very easy, and suffice it to say that our whole family enjoyed a little slice of baked heaven.

Tessalina is now thinking that with a few more classes under her belt, she might be able to tackle the beautiful marzipan princess cake Laurie made when her brother and sister turned three. Better yet, she says: "I'll bake it with my friends at my next birthday party!" 


Book a lesson or two...your friends and palate will thank you later! 



Alina de Albergaria

Now tell me what you want, what you really really want.

Ah, but there is no need to tell her. Elizabeth is highly attuned to her clientele's cravings. Her team knows that the woman who shops at Elizabeth Charles, arguably San Francisco's most venerated boutique, has honed her own personal style by mixing hard-to-find pieces from local designers with the latest from couturiers like Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Nili Lotan, and Tom Ford to name a few.

Elizabeth has a knack for unearthing new talent in the city she loves. And next week she will be sharing some of her favorite accessory, homeware and jewelry finds at the Grand Opening of the Elizabeth Charles Local Designer Showcase:

January 26, 4-8PM
Elizabeth Charles boutique
2056 Fillmore Street

A few pieces to whet your appetite:

From left: Gerhard Ceramics Bud Vase Gift Set, Designs by Alina Diamond Shield in Rose, Truffle Clarity Large Clutch

From left: Gerhard Ceramics Bud Vase Gift Set, Designs by Alina Diamond Shield in Rose, Truffle Clarity Large Clutch

To learn more about the featured designers below, visit or come to the show!