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Designs by Alina:  Handcrafted jewelry fabricated with gold, pave diamonds, and choice pearls for the sophisticated modern-classic woman. Beauty and inspiration forever entwined. Lifestyle blog on design, travel, fashion, family.



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Blog, Travel, family, interior design, jewelry design and fashion.



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Not Just the Thought that Counts

Bernardo de Albergaria

Eye candy. Everywhere. And for a designer that means that any other season is merely a distant second. Couple the visual feast with the magic I get to live through my children’s eyes and, well, my soul and heart are full.


Less tangible, though equally pleasing, are the scents of pine, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves which together conjure up Christmas. Still, what I love the most is how it empowers us by giving us a sense of gratitude for what we have and those who make up much of life's bounty. 

I have in mind one of those very people. Supportive, kind, clever, and insanely funny, she has also mastered the art of selecting the perfect gift. Hers are never about the brand or money spent. They aren’t about the presentation (though I do love a gorgeously wrapped gift). More importantly a present from her would never make sense if gifted to anyone else. No. Hers are all about perpetuating the fun memories you have shared. This year, for example, acquiring a license to ride my Vespa was a key event which enabled me to zip around town and score a prime parking spot, which in my city is like beating a blockbuster's villain. My husband and I scoot to dinner, oftentimes with our favorite bottle of wine in tow (Sancerre, Amarone or Viognier). She herself braved the back seat while visiting San Francisco to her husband's complete and utter disbelief. A part of the story already, she decided to leave her mark with her color-coordinated, wine-lover's gift!

She also gifted our husbands a set of these cleverly designed glasses by Bodum because we have shared many a laugh over the fact that our guys seem to be allergic to coasters. I usually favor aesthetics over functionality but these guys covered all their bases. Cheers!


So next time you are in a crunch, tune into the "Rhonda channel" to see what turns up because when it comes to the thought behind the gift, more is definitely more!