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Designs by Alina:  Handcrafted jewelry fabricated with gold, pave diamonds, and choice pearls for the sophisticated modern-classic woman. Beauty and inspiration forever entwined. Lifestyle blog on design, travel, fashion, family.

Cookies for the Flower Obsessed


Designs by Alina Lifestyle Magazine

Blog, Travel, family, interior design, jewelry design and fashion.



Cookies for the Flower Obsessed

Alina de Albergaria

She's talented, clever, and makes the most gorgeous cookies ever.

Meet Lori Stern, a self-taught private chef and baker who credits much of her success to social media which has enabled her to finetune her culinary skills and market her epicurean offerings. A flower lover after my own heart, she is “inspired by the romance of wild edible flowers and medicinal herbs” many of which she organically grows in her own garden.

Lori prepping for a Designs by Alina event

Lori prepping for a Designs by Alina event


It's no wonder that her creative genius has recently caught the attention of Vogue and Anthropologie, that her Instagram following has ballooned overnight, and that she is busy shipping out heaps of those romantic edibles across the country.  What's more, just today I discovered that she hand paints each and every one of her cookie boxes!

We are thrilled to see what stunning creations she has in store for our 18K Gallery Collection launch next month. But I have my eyes (and taste buds) set on those spring rolls!

For more information and to purchase from her online shop, visit

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