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Alina de Albergaria


It’s all about timing. And she knew it.

On Monday, our daughter, Gisella, invited me on a sunset beach walk with the dogs. Our bond has been growing ever stronger despite the myths about how trying the teenage years can be. Admittedly, there are moments which disprove my words, but for the most part our twin high school seniors have been a tremendous fountain of joy making their imminent departure from the nest next year all the more daunting.


Had you asked me last week if I would have acceded to my daughter’s request, the answer would have been either an emphatic “no” or “could a cricket survive a gecko convention?” On the heels of our beach walk, not only was I feeling particularly loving, but with the news headlines coming at me in a flurry while I desperately tried to get a jewelry order out the door, my mind was elsewhere.

My acquiescence baffled us both.

And so it was that on a whim, just like with numbers one and two, our family welcomed puppy number three into our home. 


Today I am suffering from buyer’s remorse and told Gisella that we couldn’t keep her but my daughter’s tears proved more powerful than my words, so we will give it a try.

*ADDENDUM: Soon after this post, the implications of what it means to adopt a puppy for my daughter who will soon fly the coop hit me like a cold shower. And as much as I wanted to please her, with an equal dose of sadness and clarity I walked back on my decision to adopt. In doing so she and I have learned a lesson or two about timing, caution and commitment.