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The Loire Valley's Secret Hideaway


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Blog, Travel, family, interior design, jewelry design and fashion.



The Loire Valley's Secret Hideaway

Alina de Albergaria


We have some exciting news for you! But let's rewind a bit...

As my husband and I begin to ponder our annual fall getaway, I am reminded of the memories we have accumulated over the years and feel an immense sense of gratitude for life's many blessings.

Years ago, our friend, Michael Corrigan, invited us along with six other couples to experience his beloved Loire Valley. We initially declined his generous invitation as our daughter was barely ten months old and as much as France was calling, I couldn't bear to part from her. Ever a gracious host, Michael insisted that we bring her along and so it was that she became the seventeenth member of our coterie. 

Michael arranged for us to stay at his brother, Timothy Corrigan's stunning Chateau du Grand Lucé. A simple glance at the estate explains why the renowned designer has been touted as one of the "world's top talents in architecture and interior design" by Architectural Digest.

If you haven't ventured into the Loire Valley, you must as there is so much to do and see. Our stay included visits to the Le Mans racetrack, Chartres Cathedral. and the Cadre Noir French Military Riding School, as well as an equestrian trip to Château de Chambord and a visit to one of the many wineries in the region, which is the birthplace of Sancerre, my favorite white wine on the planet.

We just heard that this stunning chateau will become a hotel in 2019, so next time you make your way to France, consider discovering the beauty of the Loire Valley and keep an eye out for the Hotel Chateau du Grand Lucé.