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Nine-year-old blogger in the house


Designs by Alina Lifestyle Magazine

Blog, Travel, family, interior design, jewelry design and fashion.



Nine-year-old blogger in the house

Bernardo de Albergaria

You mean your project will not involve the usual DIY villains like xacto knives, glue guns, tape etched walls, red dye stains, homemade slime, scissors, shredded paper, and paint?


My youngest source of inspiration, Tessalina, has been giving me a run for the money by engaging in a series of creative projects, a venture that keeps her on her toes, and me on my knees tackling her endless mess. So when our daughter announced that she would be creating a blog entitled A Dreamer's Garden for her "student choice" project this month, I was elated. Not only was she about to discover another way to share what inspires her, but any semblance of an aftermath would be limited to the virtual world.

Tessalina in her "Dreamer's Garden"

Tessalina in her "Dreamer's Garden"

Her thirst to create began long before she received the "future artist award" from her beloved kindergarten teacher. And while most children exhibit artistic abilities at the tender age of unadulterated ingenuity, Mrs. C. felt that her creative passion exceeded the norm. Indeed. From the moment she reached for that very first crayon, Tessalina's life has been unfolding through the prism of art. 

Whether or not she chooses to nurture her virtual garden once her blog has been submitted remains to be seen. But for now I bask in the joy of knowing that my own blog may have inspired our daughter to quench her thirst to create with a brand new medium leaving me with more time to design and a diminished need to chase the remains of her day.