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Blog, Travel, family, interior design, jewelry design and fashion.



On gratitude

Bernardo de Albergaria

The de Albergaria family in Siena

I need to work on "untearing" myself. Or not. Perhaps feeling torn is part of what makes us stop and appreciate the mere fact that we have options. We can be torn about where to go on vacation or what child to take with us on a new adventure; about whether to go on a cleanse or whom to meet for dinner. I've been in countries where choices are limited and am reminded of this often.

They say that with age comes acceptance but what age has given me is a prism through which most of life can be interpreted, embraced. Not to say that the prism is always within reach, but I try to keep it close, put it to good use and be grateful all the while.

Tessalina, our daughter, embracing life.

Take my trip to Australia for example. It is one of the many journeys I have shared with my better half, the man who every so often peels me away from Designs by Alina, from my children, and from my daily routine, to remind me that there is so much more of life to be shared, discovered. And yet when I hear my children's voices, I feel torn between wanting to share these new experiences with them and wanting to recharge my battery with the man I love. Those very choices galvanize gratitude and that is when I know my prism is within reach. 

So without further hesitation, I place my "mom hat" in repose and embrace the opportunity to be "half-a-traveling-duet" ready for a new discovery which I will share with you in my next post: Six things I discovered about Australia (and a few things I already knew). Stay tuned!