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2443 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA, 94115

(310) 463-0650

Designs by Alina:  Handcrafted jewelry fabricated with gold, pave diamonds, and choice pearls for the sophisticated modern-classic woman. Beauty and inspiration forever entwined. Lifestyle blog on design, travel, fashion, family.


Designs by Alina Lifestyle Magazine

Blog, Travel, family, interior design, jewelry design and fashion.



Elizabeth Charles Boutique Rocks Designs by Alina Jewelry

Bernardo de Albergaria

Romantic and exhilarating. That is San Francisco.

Just a few weeks here and we are getting our bearings straight, brushing shoulders with passersby, sampling a bit too much of the city's fabulous cuisine, and hitting the pavement on foot more than we are driving.  As the children carve their way through their new schools and city streets, our family is discovering that the love affair these people have with their Golden Gate cosmopolis is no different from the one shared by the people in our previous city, Santa Barbara, who adore their American Riviera. 

They say three's a charm...

On my third jaunt to Fillmore Street with Tessalina, our youngest, I discovered Elizabeth Charles, an uber-chic boutique on my short list of ones to visit. I happened to be wearing my Queen Baroque necklace about which Elizabeth inquired. No sooner had I mentioned that I had recently launched a jewelry business than I was asked to share my collection, pose for a photo, and just like that Designs by Alina was given the home I envisioned for her, not to mention one of my Queen Baroques which now gracefully resides on Elizabeth's neck. The icing on the cake is that she is a hoot to be with. Her effervescence and Aussie warmth have been passed on to her lovely daughter, Lucie, with whom Tessalina has become fast friends, just like their moms.

Yesterday, we took our first international order for three Designs by Alina pieces to be shipped to London. And in the very near future we will be adding 18kt pink, white and yellow gold earrings with new pearls to the Designs by Alina collection, so please keep browsing and stay tuned!