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Designs by Alina:  Handcrafted jewelry fabricated with gold, pave diamonds, and choice pearls for the sophisticated modern-classic woman. Beauty and inspiration forever entwined. Lifestyle blog on design, travel, fashion, family.

Time Travel? C'est Oui!


Designs by Alina Lifestyle Magazine

Blog, Travel, family, interior design, jewelry design and fashion.



Time Travel? C'est Oui!

Bernardo de Albergaria

10 feet in diameter. At least. How could she have fit all of it -let alone herself- into a carriage 100,000 moons ago? That was my thought as I glanced back on my walk up the hill. For an instant, modern times vanished in favor of a magnificent Marie Antoinette ballgown headed in my direction. Watching her weave her way around the cars made my "vintage" Dolce Gabbana number feel futuristic at best.

Following the complimentary shoe shine my boyfriend received (yes, Bernardo transforms on nights like these) as the mystery woman inched past him to the elevator, my question was answered. In one big swoop, she lifted pounds of fabric off the ground and just like that disappeared behind closing doors. I wish I had documented that moment but was enjoying the vision too much. 

This is how Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires, celebrating 90 years, fundraises for the school: lots of champagne, accoutrements of all eras, fabulous men and lively women who love to dance. It was a Bal de Paris to remember at San Francisco's Ritz Carlton. I did not manage to photograph the elusive woman who is forever etched in my memory bank. I will, however, leave you with a taste of that wonderful evening, including a photo of yours truly wearing some pieces from Designs by Alina's Diamond Collection which just launched today. Oh la la!